Increase Self Worth

How do you feel when I say that I am a WORTHY woman!

Do you feel triggered reading that?

If you do, awesome! I love it when that happens, and it’s because you don’t understand what being worthy means.

Our Worth isn’t something we earn, it’s something we already are and embody. ?

It’s something we claim.? We own. We speak. We live. We breathe.

It’s when we spend more time checking in with ourselves and making decisions based on what’s in our highest and best, not what someone else thinks, says, or needs.

  • It’s about standing up for yourself and speaking up with love and kindness.
  • It’s about not-self abandoning or betraying yourself because it’s easier not to rock the boat, bc maybe they will deem you worthy of love. NO! You already ARE worthy of love, from yourself.
  • It’s about truth, YOURS.
  • It’s about designing a life that sets your soul on fire and trusting yourself and taking action.
  • ?It’s about accepting responsibility for your energy and what you’re bringing to the table.
  • It’s about rewriting limiting beliefs and stories of not-enoughness.
  • It’s about ending the competition and comparing yourself against what society and others are doing. The only competition you have is who you were yesterday.
  • ?It’s about having healthy boundaries and high standards.
  • It’s about validating yourself instead of seeking outside yourself for it. No one can ever give you that, trust me on that one.
  • It’s about owning who you are here to BE and deciding your own rules. Life is just a game and we didn’t come here to just lose weight and pay bills.
  • It’s about growth, it’s about joy, it’s about love, it’s about creating the life of your dreams. It’s about activating the RAS part of your brain – it’s about reprogramming and rewiring your brain to work FOR you instead of against you.

Life CAN be magical, expansive, joyful, ABUNDANT AF if you want to be. See whether you believe it’s possible or not, you’re right.

Nothing and no one has any power over you, but YOU!

You step into your WORTH, you claim it! I promise you the moment you decide to care more about yourself than anyone else does is the day you WIN!

Fall in love with YOU and then watch the rest of the world follow.

You got this QUEEN! 

Sending you so much love,

Amanda xo

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