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There are a lot coaches and courses out there that are intended to give your ego a quick fix. Put a bandaid on your pain. Make you "feel" better in the moment. But they aren't designed to actually change your life for the better because that’s not how it works. You need to get your mindset right first. You need to understand where your thoughts, beliefs and fears that are keeping you stuck even came from. 

What makes me different is I'm just like you, I'm just a few chapters ahead and I surrendered to the process and went to the painful root and stopped treating the symptoms as the leaf level. I learned to lean into the pain and use it for power for my rising. I learnt to call BS on my limiting beliefs and re-write my "story". I've spent well over 6 figures on my own personal and spiritual development and the learning never stops because that's how I can be a better coach, mentor, friend, soul in the world. It's not only my commitment to myself, but it's my commitment to my clients.

I've been a lifestyle entrepreneur for the past 15 years and I've built several 6, 7 figure businesses so I know the ins and outs of what it takes to build a brand, run and scale a business. My superpower is strategic business consulting and finding creative solutions.  Outside of business, I'm also a creator of online courses, and a jewelry line. I'm a certified NLP Practitioner, Theta Practitioner and an accredited coach with the International Coaching Federation.

I take a holistic life approach because you have many aspects that make you you. In today's day and age we are taught to compartmentalize things to our detriment. We have a wellness coach, a business coach, a mindset coach, a life coach, a therapist etc and we are seen wholly as separate instead of the whole entity that we are and that's a large reason why people are frustrated and have depression and mental wellness issues because the separateness that exists.  What if you had a place that could welcome all the parts of you? Your career, family, friends, romance, fun and recreation, health, finances, personal growth/spirituality and physical environment? Because they are all aspects of you - and when one area is off, they're all off. While people might come to me with a particular goal or areas they would like to focus on, the goal with coaching is to create a harmonious balance across the full spectrum so you can feel whole across the board not just in one area of your life.

There is nothing that brings me more joy and a sense of aliveness than digging deep and creating a safe space for others to heal and grow and transform by addressing the deep emotional ice burgs that exist beneath the surface. If you're ready to commit to this, let's turn your wounds into your wisdom. Your mess into your message and let's learn a new wayto live and love.

I reserve my one-on-one sessions for a limited number of highly committed individuals who have the willingness to look at their blocks and the courage to show up and go for what it is they really want. If you believe you have no control over your life, that you're unlucky and life is happening TO YOU - then coaching is probably not the avenue for you. You have to have the willingness and be open to exploring your BS ( belief systems ) and get radically honest with yourself. Helping people find healing + happiness is my passion. It’s my honour. It’s what I’m good at. I will bring 100% of my energy, ideas and focus to your coaching sessions. You will make the most positive changes when you do the same.

One on One Coaching

  • Total immersion is the way to quicker transformation. We will have x amount of 1-hour sessions together. For best results we will speak once a week for 10-12 weeks depending on what we are working on.
  • We will define your vision, set  goals, discover what's keeping you "stuck", create a plan of action so you can achieve the results you want most in life.
  • We will blend mindset, strategy, and neurolinguistic programming to get you where you want to go.
  • You will have access to email support, coaching tools, exercises and templates and someone to celebrate all your wins with! 
  • Please only apply if you are serious and committed to the process and willing to make an investment in yourself.
  • Investment starts at $3000

My Training, Personal Development & Certifications

Online Course

I've also created a digital online course which is a beautiful container in which you can experience me, my teachings, my lessons and meet your True North in a super immersive way, it's guided by me every step of the way. You can learn more about my course by following this link to Breakdown to Breakthrough

Downloadable Workbooks

I've also started creating a series of downloaded workworks that are affordable and guided. They are powerful tools for transformation and are only $11 each, you can download them here.

Work With Me 

Working together is for you, if you're ready to look at yourself. The good, the bad and the ugly. If you've realized that you're playing small in life and you're ready to do the work to manifest and allow abundance to start flowing into all areas of your life. Sounds like you? Awesome! Let's see if we're aligned!

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"I am so happy that I made the investment in me." This was the email that changed my life. Reaching out and asking if she would take me on as a client.  Amanda has taught me so much about myself, my family, my wounds, healing. She made connections that freed me from the mental prison I put myself in. I am now able to make healthy boundaries, self care is no longer a word, I take action on it. She is compassionate, caring and always there when I needed her the most. My realtionships have all changed as a result of our time working together. A bucket list if you're looking to understand why you do what you do and how to make sustainable changes in your life. Margaret - Calgary Canada

"She pushed me in ways I needed to be pushed to grow" Amanda was amazing to work with. She pushed me but it was exactly what I needed to do the hard work. I’ve worked with many coaches throughout the years but Amanda’s technique is unconventional. The way she speaks and explains things is unique and it makes you think and comprehend in a different way. I highly recommend!! Candace, Renfrew Canada

"Working with Amanda has given me the confidence to show up as myself and who I was born to be." Amanda really talks to you like a best friend, she shares her pain and you're able to see your pain in hers and have hope. It's a beautiful journey of surrender. I fought my way through it, and busted through some stories that were holding me back from living my best life. My marriage has improved, my relationship with my kids has changed and I am just a happier person. Free is a word that comes to mind. Thank you for holding space for me to heal! Helen Ottawa, Canada

"I've seen many therapists but this has been the most effective..." I can't  recommend working with Amanda enough. Amanda has helped me tremendously. I've worked with many therapists before but this has been the most effective because of the understandings of WHY we do what we do and the various ways to take inspired action for the changes  I wanted to make. My confidence levels are up, my income has increased, my health is better, all of this is a direct result of Amanda helping me realize that I matter and being true to my self is a must. I had to learn to believe that I deserve and was worthy and enough of everything I have in my life and everything that I'm calling in, is possible too.  Laura Montreal, Canada

"I now feel confident in my decisions and don't second guess them." Amanda had been my saving grace. I've gone from a door mat, people pleaser to a boss babe with boundaries. She's connected the dots for me as to why I was seeking approval of others, because I didn't approve of myself. OUCH. She drops truth bombs with love. I would definitely recommend Amanda for who is struggling with where they want to go in life. I now feel confident that the decisions I am making are the right ones and I no longer need to seek validation outside of myself. I've tripled my income and am able to show up to the hard conversations because I know who I am and who I want to be in my own story. Amy - Orlando Florida