What does life look like when humans raise their standards? 

Life is amazing, and these souls become a force to be reckoned with!  You’re probably here because you want to understand what’s blocking your magic, understand why you’re standing in your own way, why you’re limiting your own potential and you’re looking for some inspiration or for someone to speak to your soul and give you “a sign”. Sound about right? Awesome beauty, you’re in the right place!

I help people transform themselves first, and ultimately their businesses so they can live the life they deserve. 

I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur, strategic business consultant, published writer and a worthiness coach. I help people master the game of life on their terms. Entrepreneurship, love, life, family … it’s all the same and the reason that MOST fail at living it epically comes down to a set of beliefs and their model of the world. The craziest part is these “beliefs” and this “blueprint” isn’t even something that people consciously create. In most cases they’ve been passed down and at the root of not being able to consciously change them, is unworthiness. My souls purpose is to help heal that unworthiness. 

Do you know that you get to choose? Your life, your love, your dreams, how much money you want to make? See our lives are a direct reflection of the beliefs we hold about ourselves. So if we don’t believe it’s possible for us, guess what? Yup you guessed it! See unworthiness is an epidemic. It leaves its mark on everything. How we show up in the world, how we handle conflict, the relationships we choose and allow, how big we allow ourselves to dream … all of it.

I never thought I suffered from unworthiness. I remember this moment when I was on a call with my coach and she was trying to explain what unworthiness was… Here I thought I had to BE all these things for everyone because deep down was this belief that I wasn’t enough and I wasn’t worthy of real love. So it drove me to DO. Do do do. It drove me to become this over-giver, this overachiever, this fixer and it was very hard for me to see it because these are very positive characteristics to have. To be able to give so freely, and serve others by default is admirable right? I didn’t want to stop loving the people that I loved even though they were hurting me. 

Maybe you’ve told yourself that:

  • You have to be perfect to start;
  • That you’re too old, that you have to wait until your kids leave;
  • That you’re not worthy of the love or life you desire;
  • That life is hard;
  • That you’re not lovable;
  • That you need to DO more BE more in order to get what you want in life?

If you’re in pain, it’s because your life doesn’t match your blueprint of how you thought life was supposed to be and you think you’re powerless to change it. I’m here to tell you-you’re not.

I was 43 when I finally found my voice and started to heal myself from the trauma I had survived as a teenager. The deeper I got into finding my voice, and listening to what my soul actually needed, the more ownership I took over my life.

You are a human BEing and what you are BEing is decided and chosen by you. It’s always a choice. ( don’t worry that hit me like a cosmic 2×4 to the head too.)

In August 2017, I launched an online course called “Breakdown to Breakthrough”. My writing was a way to help other people who were on a similar journey feel a little less alone in the world, but in writing it and sending it out into the world, what happened was I completed my own journey and am now able to hold space for others. 

My story of conscious surrender isn’t a how-to, I think the real power of my message lies in the fact that my wounds are open for everyone to see and relate to. I inspire people to know its safe, that vulnerability is a superpower, that you aren’t alone and you don’t need anyone else’s permission to live the life that you were born to live. All the power lies within.

What I teach either live with my clients or in my course, is that the key to success in both life and entrepreneurship is mastering the limiting beliefs ( aka the gremlins that live in your head ) and changing the “stories” that are holding you back from achieving ultimate success. That alone changed the game for me. I no longer hustle for my worth and I’m able to show up powerfully and authentically and actually manifest magic. Listen, we all have a “story”, the trick is using your story for your fuel to rise instead of it using you, that’s where I come in, that’s what lights me up in life.

I’ve seen business transform from barely making rent to signing six figure deals because they now believe in themselves. They know that their worth isn’t something they EARN it’s something they ARE and they’re now able to dominate the niche their in powerfully.

Have you ever actually met your true self? Don’t wait for another breakdown to breakthrough beauty. Let’s connect!

More on me:

I’m dedicated to helping people become better versions of themselves by showing them how to uncomplicate life and business in general. I left the comfort of a paying job and I leaped into the land of the unknown and built my company Balance InStyle back in 2007. The idea originally came to me when I noticed there was a need in the marketplace for the kind of services that we offer while a friend was losing her battle to cancer. I’m now taking this platform and joining it back with my love of business and helping people surrender to the DO of life and BE. I help them create TO BE lists, in-place of TO DO lists. When you know how to BE then you will know what to DO. It really comes down to WHO do you want to BE in this life?

Want to get to know me better? Dive deeper into my thoughts to see if we’re aligned?  Instagram is kind of my thing. Comment on one of my posts and let me know a little bit about you! See you on the squares beauty!

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