Hi! Welcome! My name is Amanda and my greatest joy is to help people untangle themselves from their “story”, because let’s be honest, we’re all professional storytellers. Some of  the stories we tell are empowering, and others are extremely limiting. I think “fake it until you make it, is the biggest disservice there is, I prefer, BE it until you are” Who is that you ask? Well, this is the work,  figuring out who we are underneath all the conditioning. 

When you can work towards owning your story, you have to power to change the ending. The first step is unbecoming all you unknowingly bought into and became before you realized you had a say. We can’t positively think our way out of trauma and past limiting beliefs.

  • We cannot outperform our self-esteem. 
  • We cannot attract more than we think we’re worthy of. 
  • We can’t truly love another until we learn to love ourselves unconditionally first. ( this is huge, and necessary, otherwise we outsource our value and our happiness for others approval and love )
Self-worth is how we subconsciously value ourselves, and what we believe ourselves to deserve and we will sabotage absolutely anything that crosses that line. Your programming + your pain is not your fault, but healing so it generationally stops with you, is your responsibility.
You didn’t get to consciously decide how your story started, but I will tell you that you do get to decide how it ends. So, if you’re ready to expand and breakthrough your stories and limiting beliefs, let’s take a journey together!
I blend NLP, subconscious programming,  intuitive development, quantum physics, neuroscience, soul love + a lot of truth to guide people through an intimate transformational experience that allows them to play bigger, love harder, and experience more of what they came here to BE

I work with people who 

  • Are addicted to the DO of life. Think they need to DO, in order to HAVE so they can finally BE.
  • Feel “stuck”
  • Find it hard to trust other people and feel the need to be in control at all time.
  • Their bank accounts aren’t reflecting all the hustling they’re doing.
  • Are repeating relationship patterns that don’t serve them – they keep attracting + dating the same kind of people.
  • Are playing the WHEN/THEN game. 
  • Are done drowning in self-help books, comparisonitis, procrastination, and fear.
  • Want to master their mindset and free themselves from the programmed go to responses. 
  • Need help with…direction, transformation, boundaries.
  • Are yearning to be seen in life.
  • Struggle with not enough-ness self-love, and their shadow/ego self.
  • Wish they could just BE without the guilt attached to it
  • Can’t figure out how to BE themselves because they’re so used to being everything for everyone else.
  • Are willing to take full responsibility for their life and get OUT of the past ( their story).
  • Really want to stop repeating history.
  • Lack self esteem, self worth, self respect.
  • Want to embody confidence, and experience more love, magic and abundance in their lives.
  • Are stepping into entrepreneurship and are ready to turn their side hustle or passion into a paycheque and are ready to believe in themselves.

It all begins with getting real, raw honest and breaking down the layers of the ego and bringing it back to the simple truth of who you want to BE in your story, figuring out what you value and living it, consistently. 

Doesn’t matter if you’re starting a business, trying to get a promotion in your current job, or want to improve your relationships with yourself and others, it all starts at the very same place. “Your Story“.  I write alot about this on Instagram come check out my posts! If you’re also looking to be a part of a community of like minded souls, request to join my Private Facebook Group.

If you’re dying to hear more, here are a few things you might not know about me.

  • In 2015, I was Knighted as a Dame into the Order of St. George.  So yup! I’m a Dame, sword swearing in ceremony and all!
  • I have a 15.5 year old Toy Poodle named Buddy who is King in my world,  I’m basically Cesar Millan’s worst nightmare.
  • I’m a snowbird and winter in Florida, who said you have to wait until your retired to “live your best life?”
  • I designed an empowerment line of jewelry called Worthy Wands  because I forgot my own birthright. It’s time to remember we’ve always been enough and we can only be as worthy as we decide to be. You can check them out here 

Still here awesome? Let’s connect!

I honour your courage, your path, and you. I’m here to support you in taking back your power, and if you’re interested in working with me, I invite you to tell me a little more about yourself  here. Ways to connect with me: Join my free newsletter here  Email me, or find me on Instagram which is kinda my thing.

Awards & Honours

Knighted as a Dame into the Order of St. George.  I’m a Top Forty Under 40 winner. Have been formally recognized by the City of Ottawa as an Agent of Change for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation through my work with the 100-Man-Run initiative which raised over $125,000 for cancer research. I’ve been featured in the Huffington Post, I write for Thrive Global, House & Home Magazine, Distinctive Women Magazine, Maclean’s, LCBO Food & Drink, Flare Magazine, Ottawa Magazine, The Ottawa Citizen (multiple times), and The Ottawa Business Journal (multiple times) and I am also a regular contributor on CTV.