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Healing is a Warrior's Journey

Healing from our past isn’t for the faint of heart, and it is not a linear journey.

It isn’t about “showing the world”anything.

It isn’t about revenge. Revenge bodies, hotter relationships, better cars, outdoing-them.

It is about you finally feeling safe in your own body, with your own thoughts, and prioritizing yourself over someone else’s opinion.

It’s where you can unapologetically show up as yourself for yourself.

It’s about being proud of who you are + what you’ve built for YOURself.

It’s about seeing that life is always happening FOR you. The past needed to happen for your destined future to arrive.

It’s not about pointing fingers, it’s about finally being so comfortable in who you are, that you stop thinking about them altogether. They are no longer relevant. 

When you are healed you realize that your actions have a cause + effect and if you want a better life, you have to have better thoughts, values, and habits. You refuse to lower your vibe because you know your higher self doesn’t live down there.

Healing isn’t about arriving anywhere, it’s forever a journey of becoming.

It isn’t a before and after.

Anyone can buy themselves beauty, weight loss, and can fake it til they “make it”. That’s easy.

But healing, healing is where you’re humbled.

Where you own you weren’t your best self.

Where you betrayed yourself and others.

Where you learn better so you can do and BE better.

Its where you transmute your energy and own your 💩

Instead of meditating to escape life, meditate to connect with it, and yourself so you can FEEL whatever is dying to get your attention and then alchemize it.

This isn’t done on a mental health day. This is a commitment to self.

You’ll notice those doing it have a glow about them. They aren’t “trying” they just are. Their energy is contagious and vibrant. 

If you’re waiting for others to take notice, waiting for them to see you and validate you and approve of you?

Ask yourself why?

That’s your job, and that’s the side effect of healing, you realize others don’t care as much as you think they do.

Those on the path. I see you, I honor you. To those I have the privilege to walk beside and facilitate, I love you and am so proud of you.

Amanda xo

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