Amanda O'Reilly

Do you know who do you want to be in the story you’re authoring?

The people you admire aren’t lucky, they had INTENTION for who they wanted to become, and they took action to grow, adapt, heal, and act in accordance with the absolute best version of themselves. ⁣

I created ⁣who I am today. She didn’t exist.

I want you to do something, close your eyes and imagine the best version of you possible. That’s who you really are.

Decide NOW that you’re worthy of it all. When I talk to my clients about this-they always get stuck in the HOW?! How do you do that when you don’t believe it?⁣

By recognizing that our subconscious mind is no older than 7 years old and its only job is to protect you. Great for when you’re a kid, not so great if that mind is running the show as an adult. When painful, traumatic, and hard things happen to us, it often becomes a “story” and we subconsciously try to recreate time and time again so we’re drawn into proving our “story” to be true.

So if we believe we’re not enough, then we’re going to look for situations and people who will prove that story true.

If we believe we’ll never be worthy, you guessed it, we’ll look for people who will make other things a priority over us and leave us feeling unworthy of their love.⁣

When we fall in love with ourselves and begin to align with the best version of ourselves, we no longer desire or tolerate anything that doesn’t serve us. Healing is when your ex is no longer your type.

When you love yourself, you can’t do things, choose people and speak or act in a way that contradicts that. If you do, it will hurt, and often when we hurt ourselves we continue to make choices that lead down the “I’m not worthy of more.” See the cycle? ⁣

Your success or lack thereof in life, biz, is always at the mercy of your “story” and patterns and WHO you are choosing to BE.

What do you believe about yourself right now that’s supporting your goals, and what do you believe is holding you back? ⁣

Where can you give yourself permission today? Permission to let go of something that isn’t serving you anymore? ⁣

You got this! You ARE this! Remember: Your worth is never found outside of you. It’s an inside job. 

If you need a little more support be sure to check out my downloadable workbooks to get you started on the reprogramming. You can find them here.

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