Amanda O'Reilly

Amanda created Worthy Wands after failing to find self-worth through the personal development community. Rather than ignoring negative thoughts and emotions, Amanda’s philosophy of trusting herself with her emotions has allowed her to achieve fulfillment.

Amanda and I discussed her story, the Worthy Wands community, neuroscience, and how we create our own reality.

Chapter markers:

01:30 Amanda O’Reilly Introduction
02:51 What led Amanda on her current mission
09:50 We are not our thoughts
11:08 Trusting ourselves
15:29 The importance of self-awareness
19:05 How Amanda achieved success
22:22 The Worthy Wands community
24:25 Ideal love
25:05 Leading with love
27:18 Why we question our feelings
28:18 We create our reality
31:20 Recognising where you’re at emotionally
34:38 Dating
39:30 The power of Worthy Wands

Listen To The Episode Here:

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