You are enough

There’s a lot of fake news flying around, but the leading story that you’re believing is that you’re not enough.

It’s a lie.

The way out?

Learn to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Start noticing the words you use when speaking about yourself, to yourself, and then question the things you believe about yourself, and others.

When you look in the mirror – what do you say to yourself?
When you’re disappointed, what do you say to yourself?
When someone hurts you, what do you say to yourself?
When you don’t get the contract, what do you say to yourself?
When that relationship ends, what do you say to yourself?
When your kid behaves in a way that doesn’t make you proud, what do you say to yourself?
When you look at your bank account, what do you say to yourself?

You are the thinker of your thoughts, you are not your thoughts and if the thoughts are negative, they are even your own.

Your fears are also emotions, not facts.

Time to stop the self-sabotage + step into the truth, and step into your power.

Imagine what life would be like for you without the stories of fear, failure, not enough-ness, unworthiness, scarcity?
Imagine what you’re life would be like if you actually loved the person in the mirror? If you actually had your own back?

What would you create?
What would you invest your energy in?
What dreams would you have?
What would your day look like?
What would your non negotiable look like?
What intentions would you set for yourself?

What’s possible from that place?

You already know how to be hurt, disappointed, and wronged by life what if you allowed yourself to be loved by it?!

Self-love is the best filter there is, as it filters out those who aren’t walking in truth, love, and integrity to make space for the more aligned ones to join you.

Always remember someone’s behavior is how they feel about themselves, it has nothing to do with you.

You alone, are enough. Always, all ways.

I love you!

Understanding this changed my life, I hope it changes yours. 

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