Amanda O'Reilly

Does this sound familiar? You’re killing yourself to have this amazing career, the “perfect” relationship, family, home, and body. Everyone around you thinks you have it ALL together and lead the perfect life. But inside… you’re feeling lost, unseen, unheard, tired, lonely, exhausted, alone and wondering if this is as good as it gets? I totally 100% understand this as it is who I was for the better part of my life. 

Here’s the deal; you must unlearn what you have learned… Be still and know you’re not supposed to “get” or “find” what you want. You’re supposed to create it. Your day, your lifestyle, your job, your love, your revolution, your desires, your fantasies, magic. You’re not here on this planet for the free rides around the sun. You’re here to become the sun and shine brightly!

Your hero’s journey is calling you (and it won’t wait). Your life is happening right now and it cannot be paused or cancelled. You are not a rehearsal for a greater play somewhere down the line or a memory of better times, you’re not somebody else’s satellite or hero. You are your own expanding constellation, your growing revolution, the creator of your life, the ultimate director of your masterpiece. And masterpieces take a lifetime to become. But first, unlearn and the BS you told yourself. First, you must unbecome. 

As a recovering self-suppressor and perfectionist, I lived to please others at my own expense. It wasn’t until I was evicted from life as I knew it, had to marinate at rock bottom, without easy buttoning my way out, that I broke free. We don’t get evicted from our lives unless there’s a better life waiting for us to claim.  We don’t get our so-called “identities” ripped away from us unless there’s a more authentic, truer identity that were meant to take hold of instead. Eviction notices come in all shapes and sizes and mine might look nothing like yours but these eviction notices are the same opportunity: to shed us of the identities which no longer fit us.

There is nothing that brings me more joy and a sense of aliveness than digging deep and creating a safe space for others to heal and grow and inspire others to do the same by addressing the deep emotional ice burgs that exist beneath the surface. If you are ready to commit to this, you will learn a new way to live and love – one that is rooted in worthiness.

My digital online course is a beautiful container in which you can experience me, my teachings, my lessons and meet your True North in a super immersive way, it’s guided by me every step of the way. Click on the link to view. Breakdown to Breakthrough

Why I created this program: Because I believe we need to look at pain differently and be grateful for chaos. Chaos leads to change, and change – no matter how painful or unexpected – gives us the chance to review our life, edit our typos, forgive your mistakes and rewrite our story. We repeat what we don’t repair and hurt people hurt people… and healed people, heal people. Hurt requires a healer, and the healer requires having been hurt. Therefore pain serves a very real purpose and should be alchemized as fuel for our rising not passed around like a hot potato. This course is my truth, I share my path to healing, and my healing might be very different from yours but it starts a conversation and gives you an opportunity to unzip your own soul and look around. Healing is hard AF and you will run into some rough waters on your journey inward, that’s inevitable … but suffering is optional. If you’re ready to finally surrender to the DO of life and the various roles you play and just learn to BE. Be seen. Be heard. Be loved. Be transformed. Be aware. Then check it out.

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