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If you’re not in a solid relationship with growth and transformation yet — I feel you, I used to be terrified of the unknown on the other side of change. I used to be terrified to fail, both in business and in life. I used to be terrified of being seen, and sharing my lessons and failures along the way — and in a lot of ways still am, but I choose to move towards growth instead of hiding out in fear now. Why? Because that’s where freedom lives, that’s where the magic happens  — in choosing differently, letting go of the old stories, and laying the proper foundation for a new way of being. You don’t get what you want in life. You get what you believe you are. 

A lot of people SAY they want an outstanding life, but the truth is they don’t want to do the necessary work to have it and maintain it. They don’t want to tailor their to-do’s, or get a grip on what’s not working and what’s zapping their time and energy and make a better choice because that requires effort and attention, so why not continue on the path of mediocrity? Insane! Listen, there is no better investment than the investment you will make in yourself. Why? Because if you found this page you likely aren’t happy with your current model of the world and you want more and people like you and me, we never want to stop growing, learning and trying to crack the elusive code. We understand that growth is the key to vitality in life — and we want to squeeze all the juice out of life that we can get!!

If you’re ready to transform your life  or your business and take consistent action towards greatness and manage your time and your life so you’re actually living it in place of just existing in it, then I’d love to be your guide. I am insanely committed to empowering others to own their greatness and live a life they are completely proud of and obsessed with.

I don’t write or preach from a place that I haven’t lived and transformed through myself. My catalyst for change was when I realized that I only associated myself with the DO of life. Who was I without the DO? I’d always identified with my DO. I am a mother, an entrepreneur, a daughter. This is what I DO for a living, on my weekends, for others. When I stopped DOING, who was I? As women, (mostly) we define ourselves by our roles. We don’t know who we are at a soul level. We just become things. 

In 2016 & 2017 I went through a really tough time. Unworthiness, Judgment, separation, abandonment, disconnection were at an all-time high. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. When I became conscious of my own unworthiness, my insane need to please EVERYONE but myself,  I woke up and realized how asleep at the wheel of life I really was.  I could no longer ignore the guilt I felt from being stuck in the cycle of unworthiness and shame as it was showing up in all aspects of my life. So, I decided to face it head-on. I created and emerged myself in a process of personal transformation and spiritual development where I explored different practices to heal myself once and for all. From the caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Yes, that meant hanging out alone, in my dark little chrysalis until I grew my wings and was able to free myself. The key part of that sentence is I.

On Sept 4th, 2017, I launched an 8 week online interactive program to help people learn to surrender to the DO, and just BE.  I take you on my own Warrior journey of transformation and inspire you to unbecome all that you unknowingly became and surrender. When we are in full surrender we’re in full allowance of what is and we can just BE who we were created to be. If you’re interested in more information please visit the course section here.

My story of conscious surrender isn’t a how-to, I think the real power of my message lies in the fact that my wounds are open for everyone to see. I inspire people to know its safe, and that they aren’t alone and they too can open themselves to surrendering to their inner connection, in whatever form that takes. The greatest gift you can give someone is to let them find their bottom, Similarly, the greatest harm you can do is to try forcing someone to change when they’re not ready to take the first step.

More on me:

I’m an award-winning serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, writer and thought leader and business strategist. I’m dedicated to helping people become better versions of themselves by showing them how to uncomplicate life and business in general. I left the comfort of a paying job and I leaped into the land of the unknown and built my company Balance InStyle back in 2007. The idea originally came to me when I noticed there was a need in the marketplace for the kind of services that we offer while a friend was losing her battle to cancer. I’m a regular contributor to dozens of broadcast and print news outlets, speaking on the various topics of entrepreneurship, productivity, strategic change, time management, life and daring greatly.

For programs, coaching/mentorship, business consulting, or to simply say hello, get in touch with me here, or drop by my Instagram for a daily dose of warrior love.

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