Worthy & Enough Limited Edition Necklace



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Weight 0.2 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 10 x 1 cm


  • Limited edition and uniquely designed by me.
  • Stunning Silver 1.5-inch solid pendant
  • 17 inch necklace with extender chain,
  • Embossed with ENOUGH on one side and WORTHY on the other
  • Shipping included within Canada & US.


The Warrior/Love check out will be set up this week, in the meantime, just order as per usual and in the notes section at checkout identify if you want Warrior or Worthy! xx

If you’ve ever been told at some point; that you’re not good enough, that you’re not lovable as you are, that you’re not tall enough, skinny enough, attractive enough, successful enough and if you don’t fit into "this" box then you don’t fit in at all. If you find yourself comparing yourself to perfect strangers on the internet and are letting the "mean girl" in your head take over, then you need a #worthywand!

I designed and created these necklaces because I forgot my birthright. My name sake. Which means “worthy of love” not hustle and be this or that THEN you’ll be loved. We are all are enough and worthy as we are. In a world that’s constantly trying to make us feel less than. I wanted to create a reminder. A magic wand of sorts that empowers woman to own their worthiness. So when someone (maybe even their own "mean girl" in their head) challenged them they could hold onto their wand and know that they are so worthy and so damn enough and the spell would be broken.

I want these words to be your anchor, your superpower and your reminder that you are always ENOUGH and so damn WORTHY.

This is a limited edition created and designed by me. I hope you amour up and wear it every day as a beautiful reminder of your birthright.

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