The Wheel (V1.2)

Getting Started:

  • Fill in each of the Life Areas using a number between 1-10 to represent your overall level of satisfaction within them. Press "Preview" when you are ready to build your wheel.

  • Be honest, don't aim for "perfect 10's" — the point of this exercise is to determine how balanced your life is and whether or not there are some areas that are lacking attention/satisfaction (so we can focus our attention on improving them later).

  • Save a copy of your wheel (right-click, "save image as") for future reference. You'd be surprised how much can change in a few months, and this will help illustrate those changes for you.

's Wheel

's "Wheel of Life"




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Personal Growth:

Interactive Life Coaching and Perspective Tool, Amanda O'Reilly (Creator) & Melanie K Dick (Developer, Designer B.Design)

The Wheel is a valuable lifestyle analysis tool that illustrates the areas in your life that may require more attention (and others may afford less). The goal of this interactive tool is to give you perspective and a measurable sense of control over your life