Thought Leader

A recent Harvard Business Review Study found that workers spend on average 41 per cent of their time on tasks that offer little personal satisfaction and could be handled competently by others. That’s almost half of our available time each day spent on mundane and unproductive tasks that don’t lead us to accomplishing our goals. Can you imagine what you could accomplish with twice the amount of time in your day?

Amanda is a passionate thought leader, talk show guest and published writer. She talks about  productivity, time management and the importance of self care. Spanning a variety of themes, Amanda talks openly about real life struggles of building a business an entrepreneur, being a recovering perfectionist, a single mother and she does it all while doing it with grace and style. Amanda is a “Permission Granter” she reminds you that YES! You really can do this, and omit that. You can learn to surrender to the DO of life and learn to BE.

See Amanda in action as a regular contributor to CTV, CBC and Roger’s Television, to name a few, here. You can also invite her to contribute to your next news segment here.