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Some of my favourite topics to speak about include owning your worth, who you came here to be. Breaking through limiting beliefs, stories, surrender, letting go, self-love, mastering your ‘why’, your purpose in life, your mindset, work/life integration, following your intuition, creating abundance, work/life integration, kicking ass at business and life, and the masculine and feminine energy.

Shine — September 27th, 2019 — Ottawa, Canada


What if you could immediately shift the quality of your life and your thoughts?  What if you could learn REAL tools that would help you shift on a cellular level so you’re able to step even more powerfully into what life has in store for you? What if you believed you were enough? What if you were able to unapologetically own who you are here to BE and stand in your truth? What if you gave yourself permission to be vulnerable? What if? 

This event will help put you in a state where you can grow, break the preverbal glass ceiling. It will help you incorporate new thinkingnew passion, and a new, WHY into your life, that’ll catapult you. Let’s be honest, positive thinking only works until it doesn’t and when it doesn’t, its because don’t understand who you are at a soul level and you’re believing stories you’ve been told or have been telling yourself your entire life.

WHY did I create SHINE? Because I know what darkness, unworthiness, and rock bottom feels like. I also know how lost and alone I felt when I was completely evicted from life as I knew it. When I had to surrender to the DO of life and learn to BE. Without the labels, the titles, the masks I was left with unhealed childhood trauma and I know how desperate I felt throughout that healing process. My transformation was NOT a cake-walk and once I earned my #worthywings I vowed to turn my mess into a message and serve, remind, support, and make this transformational process feel a little less alone for anyone going through it. I want to be a spark of hope, of light. A reminder that there is a bright beautiful world on the other side that you can’t yet see. There is happiness. There is abundance. There is love. There is light. There are songs you haven’t danced to, lips you haven’t kissed, money you haven’t made, friends you haven’t met, success you have never seen. We are powerful co-creators and the light and the love we seek is always found within. I’m taking all my healing, mentoring, coaching, lessons and over $100K worth of personal development and I’m compounding dollars and decades into a day.

Change happens when we have Awareness + Willingness and it happens when we can anchor it into the body so prepare to have a good time, laugh, dance and connect to your inner child. SHINE:

River Cruise — Budapest to Vilshofen — October 20th-29th, 2019

Powered by Expedia this River Cruise is unlike any other out there. While you journey along the Danube visit places like Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna You mind, body and soul will transform at the same time the landscapes do.  Onboard will be a host of experts in the areas of yoga, core strengthening, there will workshops & lectures (that’s where I come in) as well as a focus on healthy eating and relaxation technique. Can’t wait to set sail, cocoon and grow your big beautiful wings together! For more info check out Signature Cruises.