Some of my favourite topics to speak about include: Self worth, self-love, owning just how ENOUGH we really are, the limiting beliefs that are holding us back and the key to unlocking it all – Subconscious Reprogramming. 

Downloaded Workbooks

New Series: You don’t have to wait to see my live, you can lean in today and experience me though my affordable $11 downloadable guided workbooks.

8 week online course

My 8 week course Breakdown to Breakthrough is a beautiful container for transformation to happen. My teachings, are my very real “life” lessons from rock bottom out. I share all the tools + teachings that I spent over 6 figure learning. I’ve done all the heavy lifting and I break it down for you so you have a road map out. I introduce you to yourself the YOU before you conditioned out your essence to get love and feel worthy. Together we will rewrite the story of you so you can energetically show up wholly, vulnerably, honestly, confidently and authentically. Week by week we will go deeper uncovering the deep subconscious blocks that exist and are standing in your way and remove them, so you live your highest potential unapologetically. Learn more about Breakdown to Breakthrough

Shine 2019

There are truly no words to describe this experience that took place in Ottawa on September 27th 2019. There was laughter, there were tears, there was dancing. Real-life women coming together and creating friendships that will last lifetimes. Real-life breakdowns and breakthroughs and, let’s be real, no one left the same person they were when they walked in. Stay tuned for Shine 2020.

River Cruise — Budapest to Vilshofen — October 20th-29th, 2019

This was the most magical Experience Powered by Expedia and this River Cruise was unlike any other out there. We journed along the Danube visited Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna, Austria, Germany and transformed minds, bodies and souls. So grateful to have been apart of such a transformational trip! Can’t wait for the next one!