Workshops, Live Events, Retreats.

Live Events, Speaking Engagements & Retreat Dates for 2019

Some of my favourite topics to speak about include owning your worth, who you came here to be. Breaking through limiting beliefs, stories, surrender, letting go, self-love, mastering your ‘why’, your purpose in life, your mindset, work/life integration, following your intuition, creating abundance, work/life integration, kicking ass at business and life, and the masculine and feminine energy.

Breakdown to Breakthrough 3 day live event – Date TBD

The fastest way to transformation is through total emersion. So I’m taking my popular online 8 week online course and condensing it into a magical 3 days. If you’ve read all the books, attended the seminars, took online courses, have used every tool you could find to help you live the life you deserve but it’s still not working … there’s a reason why.  Your Self -Worth isn’t intact. It’s the only thing actually holding you back from the life you desire. Let’s take it back and own it! Make sure you Subscribe to my newsletter for updates on this.

Transformational Viewpoints. Across Canada Speaking Tour

Super excited to be a part of this cross country tour. Transformation Viewpoints will bring together a group of Canada’s best speakers, hosts, facilitators, moderators, and panelists who fly under the celebrity radar and have a common vision of sharing their message with fellow Canadians live at Cineplex Theatres and ultimately through TVTalks worldwide.

River Cruise – Budapest to Vilshofen – October 20th- 29th 2019 

Powered by Expedia this River Cruise is unlike any other out there. While you journey along the Danube visit places like Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna You mind, body and soul will transform at the same time the landscapes do.  Onboard will be a host of experts in the areas of yoga, core strengthening, there will workshops & lectures (that’s where I come in) as well as a focus on healthy eating and relaxation technique.  Can’t wait to set sail, cocoon and grow your big beautiful wings together! For more info check out the following link.