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I’m thrilled to share that I’ve accepted an exciting opportunity powered by Expedia Cruise Ship Centers of Ottawa to facilitate workshops on a Wellness cruise along the Danube in August, 2019 with Lianne Liang & Friends.

Amanda O'Reillly

When I was first approached by Lianne it was an instant YES for me. Why? Because after going through my own MAJOR life transition I knew that this was an opportunity to share my story and empower others to look at forced change, unworthiness and surrender through a different lens.

In 2016 & 2017 I went through a really tough time. Unworthiness, judgment, separation, abandonment, disconnection were at an all-time high. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. When I became conscious of my own unworthiness, my insane need to please EVERYONE but myself,  I woke up and realized how asleep at the wheel of life I really was.  I could no longer ignore the guilt I felt from being stuck in the cycle of unworthiness and shame as it was showing up in all aspects of my life. So, I decided to face it head-on. I created and emerged myself in a process of personal transformation and spiritual development where I explored different practices to heal myself once and for all. From the caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Yes, that meant hanging out alone, in my dark little chrysalis until I grew my wings and was able to free myself. The key part of that sentence is I.

While I was in the midst of some of the most deeply rooted dramas of my own life, I started writing and journaling and my writing turned into this amazing online healing course that I titled Breakdown to Breakthrough and through the process of writing it, I had an amazing experience of healing myself and healing my own unworthiness and taking back control of my life.

My own unworthiness was blocking my purpose. My power. It was blocking my connection to my intuition. It was also blocking my capacity to attract what I wanted into my life. It was affecting my relationships, it was making me play small. It was keeping me stuck in a really low vibe. I’m an empath so it was doing a crazy number on me and I needed it to stop. I didn’t even realize how unworthy I felt until I started writing this course (which is turning into a book). And that’s the thing that I think, unfortunately is going to happen for everybody when they read/take my course too is they’re going to go, “Uh-oh!” And it’s really not unfortunate, because in order to heal those patterns we have to be willing look at them.

Over the course of the last year I become so fascinated with the topic of unworthiness because it’s so pervasive in the world we live in. The more we compare our lives with others, be it in our social media feeds, magazines, tv shows, friends highlight reels on social media, the more depressed we become. Did you know that “happiness” is an industry? That pharmaceutical companies, the diet industry, the? ?media in general, are fuelled by the belief that difficult emotions mean you’re “doing life wrong?” Or that you’re broken or weak or that there’s something wrong with you? And as a result we become desperate to fill the hole of insecurity, unworthiness in order to make us feel better. Unable to be alone with our thoughts and pain we become addicted to creating noise to fill the sound of silence. Unable to cope with past trauma, we become addicted to filling our calendars with appointments and our walls with achievements and our social media feeds with filters pictures showing how “happy” and perfect we are.

We do, do, do, get, get, get, to avoid feel, feel, feel. What I realized through my own healing was that we didn’t need to do more to be worthy, successful, desired, popular, admired …  we actually needed to surrender and give ourselves permission to BE. The vicious cycle occurs when we subconsciously judge ourselves for being at odds with our true nature. To mask our pain, we project that judgment onto others, which only makes us feel guiltier, which we also judge ourselves for, and the cycle repeats itself.

My story of conscious surrender isn’t a how-to-book or course. I think the real power of my message lies in the fact that my wounds are open for everyone to see. I inspire people to know its safe, and that they aren’t alone and they too can open themselves to surrendering to their inner connection, in whatever form that takes.

My mission is to help you remember your inherent power, worth, and goodness. For you to find your truth, own your story and step into your power by harnessing your best resource: the alignment between your body, mind, heart and soul, and there’s no better place to do this than on this EPIC wellness cruise where we will focus on all areas extensively.

Can’t wait to set sail, cocoon and grow your big beautiful wings together! For more info check out the following link.