Balance InStyle does everything from glamour to janitor

OBJ STAFF, OTTAWA BUSINESS JOURNAL  |  2009.10.26 Balance InStyle owner and president Amanda O’Reilly founded Ottawa’s premier concierge service out of a personal experience that demonstrated all too well the value of having that extra pair of hands when life’s burdens become too great.

Exec Lifestyles: Personal concierge services deliver the gift of time

PAULA ROY, OTTAWA BUSINESS JOURNAL |  2008.06.04 In the corporate world, it often makes great sense to have an expert look after time-consuming jobs outside your firm’s area of expertise. The same model can be easily applied to one’s personal life. Faced with a choice between hiring someone to perform a task or doing it yourself, it’s often more efficient and cost-effective to outsource that work. Today’s personal concierges have broad roles: they’ll shop, cook, run errands, …