Serial Entrepreneur

A culture where employees feel valued has become a critical priority to top executives. In a recent Harvard Business Review Report, a global study of 550 executives showed that a highly engaged workforce can increase innovation, productivity, and bottom-line performance while reducing costs related to hiring and retention.

As a serial entrepreneur, Amanda offers executive consulting services to business leaders, corporate teams and small businesses who are ready for transformation. She will audit and analyze your business to uncover the hidden thought and behavioural patterns that are holding back your growth and success. It’s so easy to get lost in day-to-day that if we aren’t careful we lose the ability to focus on the big picture – the vision, mission and goals that guide us. Sometimes all we need is a second – trusted – set of eyes and hands to come in and help guide you back onto the right path. Amanda has spent decades working with clients implementing structures, policies, procedures, aligned visions, mission statements all while helping them take action towards their desired goals. 

The greatest killers of success are: overthinking/over analyzing /over complicating, procrastination, perfectionism and needing the permission of others. Amanda helps people take immediate action. One simple step is progress and progress = happiness. Amanda has fallen in love with solving the problems and serving others and she gets results her clients need.

Amanda is often invited to speak with corporate teams about the benefits of outsourcing and ways to accomplish more with greater efficiency. She shares her entrepreneurial journey of wearing 17 hats, ways to own and self identify your kryptonite before it owns you, and empowers people to learn the art of delegation. In her words “Learn to delegate! If you died, your job would be delegated in 3 days. Delegating can be scary, especially if you are a perfectionist, but just do it because eventually someone else will, why not have it be you?”.

Invite Amanda to create a tailored presentation for your team or conference here. Or if your interested in hiring her as a business consultant please get in touch with her here for her rates.