Like millions of people all over the world, I’ve been staying safer at home for 6 weeks now. Almost overnight, our lives have been rearranged. There is no roadmap for this and it’s enough to just be surviving right now. We might not have arrived in the same boat but we are all weathering the same storm. I’m alone weathering this storm and it has stirred up some feelings of fear and loneliness but I quickly reminded myself it’s impossible to feel fear and gratitude at the same time. So what got me out of that state was thinking about how I could make a difference, and what value I could bring to others during this difficult time. Introducing #WarriorStrong. 

COVID-19 is doing more than just grinding our sense of normal to a halt while we self-isolate and focus on ‘flattening the curve’. It has almost the entire global civilization engaging in a protection response, hiding from one another and “locked down” in isolation and this is presenting new challenges for us collectively on the forefront of Mental Health and highlighting how alone some of us feel right now, and how helpless the rest of us feel in being able to reach out and “be there” for them.

#WarriorStrong is a collaborative effort to remind our most vulnerable, hidden, silenced, and heroic populations that they’re not alone. You might not be able to be there for the people you love in the same ways you’re used to but you can #SendSilentSupport to those that need it now more than ever. You can send something to tie you together while physically apart.

Offer Support

I’m inviting you now to “buy one, gift one” and send the second (free) Worthy Wand to someone who could use the extra support and an anchor of their own. I’ve highlighted three key demographics that I’m fearful aren’t getting enough support during this COVID-19 Quarantine but I know there are countless other sweet souls who are also struggling with their own silent battles so please feel free to get in touch and let me know about the organizations near and dear to your heart.

Send An Instant Gift!

Select the Worthy Wand and messaging you love the most,  (Worthy on one side Enough on the other or Love/Warrior ) select who you want us to send the second one to (‘Someone I Care About’, ‘A Front Line Worker’ or a ‘Silent Sister’) and I’ll take care of delivering them to a local women’s shelter or hospital. If you selected ‘Someone I Care About’ I’ll send the second one to your shipping address and you can get it where it needs to go. This is starting grassroots in my backyard in Ottawa Canada, if you’d like to get your city involved, please reach out and let’s spread the love together.

Warrior Strong


Thanks for accepting the invitation to make a difference together.  When you purchase your #warriorstrong wands they come in a set of 2. Regularly $45.00 ea


Additional information

Weight 0.2 oz
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 1 cm
Gift To

A Front Line Worker, A Silent Sister, Someone I Care About


Warrior & Love, Worthy & Enough, Worthy & Enough (unisex length)


18K Gold-Plated, Sterling Silver


17.5"+ 3cm extender, 20" + 3cm extender, 22"+ 3 cm extender

Silent Sisters

In this present storm, let us be thankful for those who are working on the front lines: first responders, doctors, nurses, and so many others. They are true heroes. Many of you are confined to your homes waiting for better days. This is a luxury so many of these doctors and nurses can’t even dream about right now. Grassroots to the hospitals in Ottawa area, but please get in touch and let's spread the love to your city or country.

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Isolated Individuals

During a pandemic Mental Hygiene is just as important as washing your hands. Did you know that having a mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety, weakens the immune system, decreases your ability to fight off illnesses and other viruses?

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Silent Sisters

Domestic Dispute calls have risen nearly 300% since this pandemic started.

Worthy Wands donated to our "Silent Sisters" will find their way to local women's shelters in the Ottawa area. This is a movement, that can spread to your city or country with your help, get in touch and let's spread the love!

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How We Can Support Each Other…

Combat “helplessness”

While we don’t have all the answers or the means to help our loved ones or our community with their day to day struggles, what we do have is heart. What we do have is compassion and what we do have is the ability to remind people that they’re still valuable and worthy and enough even if they’re not earning money, achieving or busy and their productivity is not tied to our worth. One thing this pandemic is really highlighting is how out of touch many of us feel with each other, and possibly even ourselves.

–And that’s a feeling that’s not foreign to me, and if you’re anything like me and have ever struggled with low self worth, anxiety, depression, an overwhelming sense of responsibility or feelings of helplessness when everything around you feels like it’s so far out of your control you know what I’m talking about. 

That’s why I created Worthy Wands –because I too forgot my birthright. My namesake Amanda =  “worthy of love” not hustle and be this or that, sacrifice yourself and then you’ll be loved. These necklaces are culmination of my soul’s whispers bringing the message that our worth is our birthright. I had so carefully and intentionally crafted myself to be who everyone wanted me to be, that I forgot who I was, whom I was created to BE. Maybe you test positive with these symptoms too or know someone who does? Now, years later, my Worthy Wands have had the privilege of reminding thousands of men and women that they are the hero in their own stories and serves as a silent anchor anchoring them back to the truth of what is. In a billion dollar a day industry that is designed to make us feel like we aren’t enough of “something” I created an antidote #worthywands 

Share Your Strength

Last but not least: Start a worthy conversation and empower another to spread the LOVE. Once you get your Worthy Wand, please take a picture of yourself and tag #WarriorStrong on Facebook and Instagram alongside a tip for what’s helping to keep you together during these challenging times. We might be social distancing but we’re not alone, we’re in this together and we’re stronger and more capable than we feel.

The Impact They’re Already Having…

My Worthy Wands have saved two lives to suicide that I know of. They’ve helped people through cancer, divorces, illness and getting pregnant. They’ve gotten people off anxiety and other prescription medication. They’ve empowered people to leave toxic relationships, have healed decades worth of self-sabotaging behaviour and reminded thousands of people all over the world that they’re worthy because of who they are, not what they do. I can’t wait to hear YOUR worthy wand story.

On April 20th 2020, 20 Worthy Wands found new homes at our first local women’s shelter. Being able to offer our #silentsisters an anchor to ground them back into their body as they weather their storm was so empowering for me, as these necklaces were birthed from my very own personal storm. That tangible reminder offered hope where they had none. Having a stranger remind them that they are worthy + enough and that they are loved and are a warrior and warriors … well, we can do hard things.–

This is a movement, and one that I couldn’t be prouder to lead.

Thanks for making a difference!
I love you!  Amanda xo

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Share this Movement!