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Breakdown to Breakthrough

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I wrote this course focused on how to heal unworthiness when I was recovering from the trauma I survived as a teenager (but never healed from), a horrible break up and my son leaving home after me raising him for 15 years as a single mother and (not talking to me for months on end because I  took his phone away due to poor grades…)  ALL of this happened at the same time. I was officially evicted from life as I knew it. I was no longer going to be someone’s wife, and I was no longer for the time being, someone’s mom.

When I became conscious of my own unworthiness, my insane need to please EVERYONE but myself,  I woke up and realized how asleep at the wheel of life I really was.  I could no longer ignore the guilt I felt from being stuck in the cycle of unworthiness and shame as it was showing up in all aspects of my life. So, I decided to face it head-on. I created and emerged myself in a process of personal transformation and spiritual development where I explored different practices to heal myself once and for all. From the caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. Yes, that meant hanging out alone in my dark little chrysalis until I grew my wings and was able to free myself.

This work is not for the unwilling and is likely why most people never do “the work” to heal properly. So while I was in the midst of the most deeply rooted drama of my life, I started writing and journaling and my writing turned into this course Breakdown to Breakthrough.  Through the process of writing it, I had an amazing experience of healing myself and healing my own unworthiness and ultimately taking back control of my life.

Me writing this was a way not only heal myself first but then it turned into so much more and is a way help other people who are on their own healing journey. I use my personal experience to help others through similar experiences.  I coach on the exact steps I took to reinvent and empower myself from the inside out. I give you the tools to overcome fear, self-doubt, and unworthiness so you can live courageously and create the life you’ve always dreamed of. The way I have.

Through the process, I saw clear as day what it was doing to me, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. My own unworthiness was blocking my purpose. My power. It was blocking my connection to my intuition. It was also blocking my capacity to attract what I wanted into my life. It was affecting my relationships, it was making me play small. It was keeping me stuck in a really low vibe. I’m an empath so it was doing a crazy number on me and I needed it to stop. I didn’t even realize how unworthy I felt until I started writing this course to be honest. And that’s the thing that I think, unfortunately ( insert my little laugh ) is going to happen for everybody when they read/take my course too is they’re going to go, “Uh-oh!” And it’s really not unfortunate because in order to heal those patterns we have to be willing look at them because we repeat what we don’t repair.

When you sign up for Breakdown to Breakthrough, you are stepping into your own personal power and you’re signing up for a transformation unlike any other course on the market.

Who It’s For: Anyone who is ready to finally surrender to the DO of life and the various roles they play and just BE. Be seen. Be heard. Be loved. Be transformed. Be aware. With awareness, we have a choice. With choice, we have possibility. With possibility, we can take responsibility. With responsibility, we have empowerment. And with empowerment, we have healing. This course is for anyone who is committed to serious change as it will challenge you to your core of who you “think” you are.

What To Expect: Over the next 8 weeks (or however long it takes you to complete the course, it’s not a race it’s a journey. So if it takes you longer, it takes your longer). I’m going to take you on a journey, a road trip if you will. We are going to travel places together. We are going to encounter some rough roads, maybe some bad weather and likely encounter a few unexpected detours. We might even break down. But know you must survive the breaking to live through the healing.  This course will challenge you at times because meeting parts of yourself that you’ve been at war with, or ignored isn’t easy, to say the least. We will also laugh… A LOT, we will be inspired and you might even decide to shed some of your excess baggage along the way.  Much like an airline who charges for each bag, we will explore what each suitcase or u-haul that you’re lugging is costing you. You might even decide to travel light and only take what you can carry. Um … something to think about on the journey ahead. I’ve deliberately spaced the modules out a week apart so you can marinate in it. Do the exercises, and really see what comes up for you. So depending on when you sign up, the next module will be available on your dashboard a week later. There’s a science to this, and to getting you to actually write things down in your journal. It anchors in the lessons and the experience.

Why I Created it: Because I believe we need to look at pain differently and be grateful for chaos. Chaos leads to change, and change – no matter how painful or unexpected – gives us the chance to review our love affair with life, forgive your mistakes and rewrite our story. The only person on earth you must answer to is yourself in the stillness because we repeat what we don’t repair. Hurt people hurt people… and healed people heal people. Hurt requires a healer, and the healer requires having been hurt. Therefore pain serves a very real purpose and should be alchemized as fuel for our rising not passed around like a hot potato. This course is my truth, I share my path to healing, and my healing might be very different from yours but it starts a conversation and gives you an opportunity to unzip your own soul and look around. Healing is hard AF and you will run into some rough waters, that’s inevitable, but suffering is optional. I talk about the power of a tribe and mentors and coaches to help you reach your destiny because the road is never meant to be travelled alone.

Who It’s Not For: Someone that isn’t committed to growth or transformation and isn’t tired of their own BS story yet. This is not for the unwilling.

Take this course and….

  • You’ll learn to become the person you were born to be.
  • It will heal you on a level where you’ll catch your patterns and thoughts quickly and intuitively know how to handle them.
  • You’ll enhance your quality of life with deep-dive exercises.
  • It’s self-paced: So you can learn, repeat lessons anytime, anywhere with content available 24/7 on your own private dashboard.
  • you’ll become part of a private community and get support! You’ll have lifetime access to a Facebook group, where you can find spiritual and emotional support and share honestly in a safe space.
  • I hop in regularly to chat and give guidance.

What You’ll Need: You need to sign up ( below ) to have access to your personal dashboard, a journal and some quiet time to dive deep and reflect.

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What Others Have Said

By: Amanda OReilly

Amanda's course "Breakdown to Breakthrough" is a game changer.  If you even have slight willingness to change your patterns with self-love and self-worth, Amanda will give you grounded advice & practical tools to help you change your mind when it comes to these deeply ingrained patterns we’ve all picked up along the way. You don't need to know the "HOW" but you do need the willingness to start and Amanda will help guide you the rest of the way. Each session is better than the last, I cannot stress how much these tools have served me in my daily life. She packs each session with so many takeaways and HOLY F moments. Thank you for taking your heart and your lessons and putting them out there for us to not only relate too but feel empowered by.

Samantha – London
By: Amanda OReilly

Amanda has a special way of relating to people on a real level that makes everything easier to digest and understand. It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey. Through this course, you soon realize you are NOT alone, you are NOT unworthy and you feel empowered to take control of your life because your worthy of greatness. The course changed the way I think about life, relationships but most importantly, how I think about myself and my soul. It's a process of peeling back the layers, but if you're committed you won't regret the work required to as she says "unbecome" Big LOVE to you! thank you for keeping me another lease on life! xxx

Maureen – Texas
By: Amanda OReilly

Everyone wants a how-to guide. Someone to tell us what's next, or how to handle something more effectively. Amanda helps us realize this is because we are afraid to listen to what we already know to be true inside us. With this course you have a direct link to Amanda's own thoughts on how to best implement her suggestions in your life. This course made my unbecoming and becoming more realistic for me. It's tough work to undo all that's been done over the course of 57 years. But after completing this 14 week journey ( I got stuck in my story a few times ) I feel like a new person. Lighter. Happier and ready to write my story my way. Deepest gratitude for sharing your hard truth and getting naked so we can too. You are one brave beautiful woman. Forever grateful!

Juliette – Toronto
By: Amanda OReilly

I didn’t realize how much baggage I was carrying around and how much of it wasn't even mine to carry. I had such low levels of self-esteem and it was disempowering me and I was miserable and I didn't even know why. I was so used to it that it almost felt normal. But once you learn to unpack and build up your sense of self and you give yourself permission to be happy you wonder how it's possible to have felt so numb and so bad for so long.  This is such a beautiful program Amanda has created. You feel like you're talking with your best friend and they're putting your life ( all of it ) into perspective. I had so many breakthroughs that the name is certainly fitting. You can feel the truth and the love she put into it. This isn’t a self-improvement course — it’s a life-changing transformational practice. Life will never be the same! Forever grateful I started following you on social media and it lead me here. ox

Melanie – Ottawa
By: Amanda OReilly

This course is such a compassionate, 'no BS' reflection of the courage and strength she has exuded throughout her own journey AND a representation of exactly what you will get out of it if you are truly ready to (actually) change your life and "change your story";This course will push you *so far out of your comfort zone* with its 'hard life lessons' and critical analysis of everything from your relationships to your career and "who you thought you HAD to be" within their constraints...Amanda will illuminates truths in your life that many of us have probably never even considered or been aware of (in ourselves); Through sincere, heartfelt words of experience and vulnerability you'll feel like you're growing *with her* as you tackle your own 'inner demons' and summon the courage to take-back control of your own life, shaping it like the masterpiece you knew you were always capable of Not only do I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you make the jump and try it out for yourself; I urge you to SHARE THIS OPPORTUNITY/ EXPERIENCE with *every single person* you love so everyone around you can experience *the magic* that comes with "giving yourself permission" to change the course (and quality) of the rest of your life SIDENOTE: As an author she's like Tony Robbins, Oprah and (your best friend) got together and decided to write a book that would change your life... Because of this course I've finally come to terms with some very painful parts of my past; her words "released me" from the cages I'd let other people build for me and finally gave me my "glow/sparkle" back —Now my mum and siblings are starting the course and it's opening up discussions that are freeing us all from the misnomers of the past and opening up new windows of self transformation for each of them (Thank you for making this course!)

Sherry – Toronto
By: Amanda OReilly

Amanda, thank-you for giving me the privilege of previewing and working through "Breakdown to Breakthrough" with you. We have known each other for at least 12 years and you from the beginning have been a source of light and joy in my life and truthfully from day one - my mentor and voice of reason. You are that one person I can be vulnerable with and without judgment we discuss challenges and barriers and how to overcome them in strength, determination, beauty and class even while in the thick of the "mud", how to rise up despite the pain that was undeserved or unintentionally co-created. Your course has given me the words and visual tools to identify the barriers in my life that keep me from BECOMING all that my soul desires. I hide really well behind work and the all of the DO's because no one can criticize me for working or being responsible. What you show me is that the masks or hats, the utter avoidance is ultimately keeping my "red engine light" perpetually engaged....heading towards a lifetime of not living authentically or with joy. You are so insightful with strategies and emotional tools to navigate my discomfort in segments - at my pace. You are already showing that I have permission to figure out "joy" and what it means to ME and to figure it out on my terms and not to simply please others. I feel hopeful and excited to share this revealing journey that is not for the weak of heart and mind. For those wondering if the course is helpful ...perhaps the best visual I can leave you with is the warrior image Amanda has created for us and together there is healing and strength in learning, sharing and linking arms together in this journey to breaking through...whatever that looks like to you! Amanda thank-you for having the courage and resilience in all you face that you share your healing with us.

Wayne -NJ NY
By: Amanda OReilly

I've been addicted to drugs and alcohol for the better part of 15 years. I've been in counseling and therapy recovering from PTSD. Your words and the way that you break down the journey that I find myself on and the way you compassionately share your own journey has given me more strength than I've ever heard or received from anyone up until this point. It's like your voice just makes sense.You have given me hope to change my life and the determination and the tools in order to do it. I've been a victim of my own making and you helped me realize this by identifying where you yourself were your own poison. Thank you for allowing me to get up and face another day with the courage I need to change my story and ultimate as you say, change my life. My calendar up to now has been a series of appointments and disappointments. Now, its one of hope and anticipation for the next module. Keep shining!

Michele – Ottawa
By: Amanda OReilly

This course was not only eye-opening, it was a wake-up call!!!! Amanda’s way of taking you through these powerful exercises is not only kind and real, but you feel like you can trust her with your life. Because of her truth and you feel like you can go there in your own life too as a result. We all need to grow and change, but its the fear that stops us from looking and taking action. Through Amanda and her course, the wall of fear drops and you feel empowered and you want to change and go forward in a positive direction. I conquered fears and blocks I didn't even know I had and that surfaced like ghosts out of nowhere. I've taken control of my life, my relationships and my business as a result of this course. PS - it took me longer than 8 weeks to complete because I went down a few unexcepted rabbit holes. But I reached for help, and Amanda worked with me one on one to get back on track. I highly highly recommend!